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How GSP's GPS Has Him Focused on Success

How GSP's GPS Has Him Focused on Success

Professional MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre isn't just one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He's also one of the wittiest.

In a recent interview with Hayabusa, GSP cleverly compared his upcoming return to the octagon after four years away to the process of rebooting one's mobile.

"Time off allowed me to, like a cell phone, your applications drain your battery," said GSP. "So you delete these applications, and it makes you more fresh. So it helped me to come back more hungry, and better.

Clearing the clutter is always a good way to focus on an important task. Clarity can enhance productivity, and knowledge like this can be instrumental in helping one achieve his or her goals. Something that the sage Canadian combatant is banking on.

"I accumulate so much knowledge in here. I have so much knowledge, and now I'm in the peak of my career," said GSP. "I don't want to wait too long, because I'm at 35. I feel stronger than I've ever been."

GSP also understands the extreme importance of recovery, and how that will factor in to the welterweight fighter's future success.

"I might need more time for recovering, but I'm smarter and more clever than ever," said St-Pierre.

All signs are pointing to GSP taking on current UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping later on in 2017 in his first fight back. And while jumping right back into the Octagon with a title fight might be a tall order for most fighters, there's every reason to believe that GSP's mental energy, coupled with his exemplary approach to training, will have him back on top in no time.

In less time than it takes to update the apps on your cell phone, even.

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