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King James Version: Hard Work, Discipline Yields Greatness

King James Version: Hard Work, Discipline Yields Greatness

He's known for his hard work and discipline both on and off the court, taking his diet and fitness as seriously as any professional athlete in the world. But LeBron James knows that greatness also comes from being led by the right people early on in one's development. And he shared as much on Sunday evening.

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Viewed as one of the top leaders in both sports and the business world at large, LeBron shared some serious thoughts on Twitter on Sunday evening about what it means to be an effective mentor in the world today. His advice seemed to be aimed specifically at coaches who are working with youngsters who have bright futures in sports, with LeBron requesting that they put the kids' best interests ahead of their own.

Here's what LeBron tweeted out to his 34.6 million followers: 








LeBron recently came in at No. 11 on Fortune Magazine's annual list of the World's Greatest Leaders, and the thoughts he shared show why he is viewed as such a thoughtful, yet focused, leader of both adults and youth.

The Washington Post, among others, speculated that James' tweet-storm came after head coach Frank Martin led South Carolina to the Final Four on Sunday evening. Martin came up through the ranks as a high-school coach and has long been a proponent of treating kids with both respect and discipline, rather than a sense of entitlement.

The hard edge that Martin is known for certainly seems to be something that LeBron can get behind.