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A Baseball Team's Quest for More On-the-Job Sleeping

A Baseball Team's Quest for More On-the-Job Sleeping

Professional sports teams are quick to pounce on anything that'll give them a competitive advantage on the field, so it should come as no surprise that a number of franchises are starting to take their players' sleep very seriously.

You can now add the Boston Red Sox to that list. According to the Boston Globe, the team apparently has a 145-square-foot "sleep room" in the bowels of Fenway Park where the players can sleep during downtime at the stadium.

The Red Sox have entered into an agreement with a bedding company, Bedgear, who will renovate the room and completely outfit it for the team.

Red Sox Head Athletic Trainer Brad Pearson thinks it will translate into better results on the field.

“Every little edge you can get on your competition, if it’s one game or even an extra out, it matters,” said Pearson to the Boston Globe. “We’re always looking for ways to get better. This is one way.”

Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Sleep Room

(Above is a rendering of the refitted Red Sox sleep room.)

In fact, the Red Sox aren't just rethinking their sleep strategy at home. The team is considering adjusting their travel schedules for better sleep as well. For instance, rather than having starting pitchers travel the customary 4-5 hours ahead of the rest of the team so they can get a good night's sleep, the Red Sox are now considering sending them on the road two days ahead of their next start.

“Pitchers don’t want to leave the team and feel displaced,” Boston manager John Farrell told the Globe. “But the more you talk about the value of sleep, guys will be open to it.”

More Zs for more Ws is a strategy that teams can no longer afford to sleep on, apparently.

(H/T: Stack Media)