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The World (of Health, Food and Fitness) According to Danielle Moinet

The World (of Health, Food and Fitness) According to Danielle Moinet

With 1.4 million Instagram followers, and another 780,000 on Twitter, it's safe to say that WWE star Danielle "Summer Rae" Moinet is accustomed to a life lived in the spotlight. From grappling in the ring on TV to making a multitude of promotional appearances, Moinet is constantly under pressure to radiate energy and charm, both with her appearance and her personality.

So how does Moinet maintain such an engaging and lively demeanor around the clock? What dietary philosophy does she use, and how much time does she devote to her physical fitness? Moinet spoke with about these topics and more. Here's what the personable wrestling star had to share about her hectic, but rewarding, life as a professional athlete/entertainer.

Modus: How often do you work out?

Moinet: "Now that I'm on TV -- it's a little different when I was training -- but now at least I'd say 3-4 days per week I try to get good workouts in. I believe in having a rest day; I think I'm in the gym 3-4 days a week and then maybe one day of cardio. We're just so busy, so it just depends on the schedule. Like, if I have a less busy week, I definitely try to get in every day. But on average, I'd say, like, 4-5 days of total exercise per week."

Modus: What are your fitness goals?

Moinet: "My fitness goals now are different for me. I like to have good muscle tone and definitely love to be in the gym and throw some weight around, so maybe the girls in WWE's goals are a little bit different from other girls' fitness goals. But I like to be lean and long and I definitely like to have muscle. But not bulky."

Modus: Do you have a favorite type of workout?

Moinet: "I just love going to the gym overall. I think it's such a good stress release. I like to lift weights. I like to do at least two days lower body, one upper, and then maybe a full body workout. Although, with things that I love lately, I'd say in the last year, I'm new to Pilates. Pilates has been something that's been great for me to get muscle tone, because you can throw around a good amount of weight in Pilates, but it's just lengthening and it creates good, lean muscles. Also it's full-body, and each session is about 45-50 minutes usually, so when I'm in a rush it's a great thing to knock everything out. I really love it."

Modus: Do you have a least favorite type of workout?

Moinet: "I hate running. (Laughs.) I'm just not a runner. I think people either are or are not. I get shin splints really bad. I don't mind cycling, I don't mind spin, but direct running is so boring. People swear by it and they love it and they say it clears their heads, so to each his or her own.

"That said, with age, I've had to learn that I have to actively do cardio now. When we were training down in Tampa at FCW, at our training facility, I would be in the ring so much and I just got so much cardio because of training -- like, three hours at a time, I'd be drenched in sweat -- that when you stop training, you're almost like, oh no, what's my body doing now? So I definitely have to try to do cardio now. I miss those training days a little bit. (Laughs.)"

Modus: Do you have a favorite food or snack?

Moinet: "If I haven't had it recently or if I haven't tasted it recently, I don't crave it, so if I definitely get out of the chocolate phase I'm not craving it. But chocolate is a weakness. Some people can have a little bite-sized piece, but for me it's all or nothing. All of like one big cake, or like nothing."

Modus: Good quality chocolate can be OK.

Moinet: "Yeah, like people have the 80 percent dark chocolate, and having one bite will be good for them. So it's not bad.

"On that note, I actually love to take fat-free Cool Whip and put it in the freezer and then it's like ice cream. It's fat-free ice cream. And it's very low-carb, it's like three grams of carbs per serving. You have to be careful of the serving, though. But fat-free ice cream tastes horrible usually, when they have it, but frozen Cool Whip is amazing. That's my tip. My dietary hack! (Laughs.)"

Modus: Describe your dietary philosophy overall.

Moinet: "Just leading a healthy lifestyle in general. We travel a lot too, so eating well helps us not get sick. Going from climate to climate and being on an airplane, a good diet is something that's helpful. But overall, just living a healthy lifestyle in general. And not go on a diet. I try to live a healthy lifestyle in general, so I'm not like, 'Oh, I have to start from square one again.'"

Modus: So you don't have any specific diets that you follow?

Moinet: "No, but I definitely have to have a good protein intake. I try to eat my body weight in protein. So if I weigh, like, 135 pounds, I try to have 135 grams of protein, which is hard. I definitely have to eat a good amount, but I try to eat five times a day -- three big meals and two small snacks -- and then have a shake as well to reach that."

Modus: Do you have any favorite super-foods?

Moinet: "Not really. I'm definitely not the person to have an acai bowl, or eat something like that because it is a lot of sugar. I try to eat the same thing every day, like turkey and green beans and brown rice. But also, I love good Vitamin C, and if I'm feeling sick I'll get fresh-squeezed orange juice. I like to be able to get that naturally."

Modus: Are you a coffee person?

Moinet: "Yes. Very much. I like the taste of it too. It's not even like a caffeine addiction thing, I just like the taste."

Modus: How do you drink your coffee?

Moinet: "I have a Keurig, so I make my coffee at home. My grandparents got it for me, it's the best present ever. And so, no dairy, and one Splenda. I tried not to sweeten it for a while, but I just went back to it. I also love almond milk. I actually do my protein shakes with almond milk."

Modus: For the record, Modus Protein is high in protein and non-dairy.

Moinet: "Yeah, I don't mean to not have dairy in my diet, but I don't really have it. I do Greek yogurt for the cultures, being a female, maybe like once every other day. But yeah, I don't really do a lot of dairy."

Modus: As far as protein shakes, what do you put into them?

Moinet: "I'm so simple when it comes to my shakes. I always make it with water or almond milk, and ice. And the protein. If I'm going to eat a banana, I know how many carbs are in the banana, and I would rather eat my carb than drink it. Or the sugar, I would rather have a piece of chocolate or something. We're kind of strict like that, but we're also in spandex on TV, so ... (Laughs.) We don't get to wear shoulder pads and stuff."

Modus: Do you have a chef?

Moinet: "No, we're pretty good with cooking. (WWE wrestling and travel partner) Tenile Dashwood and I used to order our meals on the road by pre-packaged companies, and we would take them around in a cooler and be true meatheads, but now on the road, we've learned how to do it ourselves. I'm the master of eating healthy at McDonald's at 3 in the morning. I definitely know how to do it and what's in each thing. But I enjoy making my food, because for so many years I've been on the road that I haven't been able to. So going to the grocery store is really exciting for me. Because I couldn't do it for six years."

Modus: It feels like overall you're trying to find the rhythms and routines in a life that is anything but structured and ordinary.

Moinet: "For sure. I actually love to go the grocery store when I'm on the road, so I like to find the Whole Foods and buy my own food. And it's amazing in the winter, because when it's cold, I can actually leave it in my car, and it acts like a fridge. So when we go to Detroit and we come up north, I would leave my almond milk in my trunk, and it's great for my protein shakes. Because it's like 15 to 20 degrees outside."

Modus: What's your favorite type of fitness gear?

Moinet: "I love foam-rolling, and the stick. I just got the round balls for my hip flexor to lay on, like lacrosse balls and stuff. And I love blow-up pillows. We'll put them on the lumbar part of our spine when we travel, especially on an airplane.

Modus: Greatest physical achievement?

Moinet: "I'd definitely say wrestling. To be at the pinnacle of any sport, to be at the professional level, takes dedication. It takes blood, sweat and tears. It takes giving up relationships, whether it's with family or loved ones, and sacrificing things that the friends I went to college with are getting. Like being able to have a family. But I don't mind that because I've gotten to where I've gotten to, and I'm very proud of that."

Modus: Where did you go to college?

Moinet: "East Carolina University. Where Vince McMahon went. We've talked about it."