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Three Pro Athletes With the Best Approach to Diet and Fitness

Three Pro Athletes With the Best Approach to Diet and Fitness

(Top photo from Tom Brady's Facebook account; bottom left from James Harrison's Instagram account; bottom right from Lamarr Houston's Instagram account)

A renowned sports authority who has treated over 1,000 professional athletes, Dr. Keith Pyne is an advisor at Vitalere and is also currently the Chairman of the Medical Services Advisory Board for the Washington Nationals. Dr. Pyne's work has been featured in and on: the Wall Street Journal, HBO Hard Knocks, ESPN and more.

As someone who is focused on the fitness and recovery of top-tier professional athletes, Dr. Pyne is an expert on managing one's approach to training and diet. So the editorial team at Vitalere decided to talk to him about current professional athletes whom he feels really seem to be getting it right in terms of diet, workout regimen, and overall fitness strategy. Here are the three players he admires the most at present.


Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Dr. Pyne: "I've never worked with Tom Brady, but when you look at how he approaches food -- monitoring inflammatory markers, focusing on plant-based food -- you have to be impressed. Look at this guy: He's 40 years old, he just won the Super Bowl, and he wants to play five more years? Fifteen years ago that was unheard of. You retired in the NFL at 34, maybe. But Brady's playing some of the best football of his life at almost 40 years old. And he plans on playing five more years, because he's healthier now than he ever was.

"That's a compliment to the work he does. He's super detailed. What he puts in his body, how he approaches each game, how he looks at film. Those people are always more successful. Not by chance. He's creating the best opportunity he can for his body to recover, so he gets to do what he does best."

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James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers

Dr. Pyne: "James Harrison is 38 years old, and he's extremely detailed in how he does things. He's 38 and had five sacks this past season as an outside linebacker? That's unheard of for a guy at that age to be that strong, but he's a super-disciplined guy. He does everything right. Those guys that look at what they put in their body as a reflection of how they're going to function are the guys that wind up being totally different from a molecular standpoint than others who fade more quickly."

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Lamarr Houston, Chicago Bears

Dr. Pyne: "Lamarr Houston had his third surgery on his ACL, and he immediately went on a cancer diet, which is basically a ketogenic diet. In a cancer diet, there's no corn, there's no dairy, so there's nothing that can cause inflammation. He's five months post-op, and he's running full tilt, because there's no inflammation. He can do any drill that they have right now. That's amazing, and it's due to his discipline."

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