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Rdella Training 264 – What you need to know about plant-based vs. whey-based protein

Rdella Training 264 – What you need to know about plant-based vs. whey-based protein

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Show Notes:

(#264) Dr. Robert Pastore, PhD, CNS, is the founder, Chief Science Officer and CEO of Vitalere and its sub-brand, Modus Nutrition.

In this session, Dr. Pastore shared some of his vast experience and knowledge about optimizing human health. We spent the majority of our time on an in-depth and comprehensive discussion about protein, specifically looking at plant-based versus whey-based protein.

His background, experience, and knowledge is amazing and you are guaranteed to take away valuable insights and actions from this session.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week on the show:

  • What shaped his career as a researcher and clinical practice
  • What he’s so passionate about and why
  • Some rather shocking facts about Celiac disease
  • His own story of dealing with Celiac disease and the associated problems
  • Plant-based proteins vs Whey-based proteins – what you need to know
  • The truth about different protein supplements
  • How to know what protein is BEST for you?
  • An athlete’s case study on protein detective work
  • How to recognize your reactivity to the foods you eat
  • What’s important to understand about Pea protein vs Whey protein
  • Which plant-based protein is potentially best?
  • How protein helps athletes?
  • Understand the importance of Amino Acid content
  • What you should feel like after protein consumption
  • How to maximize recovery with protein timing
  • Key advice for reading supplement labels!!!
  • Why it’s important to have the NSF label approval
  • Why Modus Nutrition?
  • Get a complete review of the products at Modus
  • What constitutes the Modus Plant-Based protein?
  • The take-away action after listening to the show…