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The Fit Men Movement 072 – The True Gold Standard

The Fit Men Movement 072 – The True Gold Standard

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Show Notes:

We’ve talked about supplements on several occasions on the podcast; what supplements you need, what supplements you don’t, how to get the best bang for you buck, etc.. But we have never discussed vast range of quality that can occur within those supplements, nor the process by which the quality of those supplements are determined. Most people just assume that all supplements found on the shelf have gone through the same or similar testing procedures or they can’t be sold to the public in general. And while that is true for the most part, there are additional standards that some supplements companies meet or exceed in order to provide the best quality product possible.

Dr. Robert Pastore is our guest this week on the podcast and not only is the CEO of the supplement company, Vitalere, but he’s also a scientist unlike any other that I have met. With multiple fields of study and the Phd’s to back them, Dr. Pastore provides some incredible insight into how nutrition affects the human body and how supplements can be used to achieve optimal performance. We also get into some of the testing procedures that the industry offers and why you should consider starting with supplements that are NSF certified before anything else.

A fascinating conversation with a ton of information was had with Dr. Pastore and gave both Matt and I an opportunity to really geek out on the topic of nutrition and supplements.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

  • Health and Fitness Background
  • Your experience with health and nutrition products before and during your career.
    • What products do you incorporate into your daily routine?
  • Vast educational background – What lead you to this field of study?

 Day to day involvement in Vitalere

  • Vitalere “3” Safe, Tested, Studied Principles.
  • Continual Testing of these principles?
  • What products do you offer and why?
  • Relationship with professional athletes, leagues, sports professionals

Gold Standard Clinical Studies

  • What standards truly set a product apart from one another
  • What is a brands responsibility from concept to market.
    • Cost / Benefit
  • Who exactly are testing most products on the market?
    • “Real” organizations, who polices the industry??
  • What should our listeners look for in regards to testing