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The Thrivalist Manifesto 011 – Interview with Dr. Robert Pastore Ph.D.

The Thrivalist Manifesto 011 – Interview with Dr. Robert Pastore Ph.D.

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Show Notes

In this episode of the Thrivalist Manifesto, Ben V and DrG interview Robert Pastore PhD. A Biomedical detective whose journey started with wanting to heal himself from a disease that is more prevalent than you think; Celiac Disease.

Its rare to hear such a unique perspective because Dr. Pastore has years of clinical experience working with patients, years of laboratory experience being a published researcher, years of entrepreneurial experience as the formulator of remarkable nutraceuticals and in the world of celiac disease, years of personal experience. If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Pastore is a musician, a drummer specifically and avid fan of one of the greatest rock groups of all time, Rush.

In this episode you will have the following questions answered.

  • How does celiac disease manifest when there are not GI symptoms.
  • How prevalent is celiac disease
  • Exactly how many people out there have celiac disease and may never find out, why.
  • Can celiac disease cause disease of other organs and systems in the body.
  • Is there a link between celiac disease and cancer.
  • What lab tests do and don’t tell you.
  • Can you personalize your healthcare once you know your risk.
  • Why is Europe far more advanced than the U.S. when diagnosing celiac disease.