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Having the Right Supplements to Reach Your Goals

Having the Right Supplements to Reach Your Goals

Written By: Allison Jackson

As a figure competitor, having goals is critical for success. I was bitten by the competition bug in 2012 and participated in my first show as a way to check off a bucket-list item. Little did I know that six years later, I would continue to grace the stage year after year.

This past year, I raised the stakes and chose to compete in not one show, but three shows with three different organizations over the course of six weeks. My goal was to get another pro card. (I currently have my pro card with the ANBF, Masters Figure.) Dieting began in October 2017 and the first show was May 12 in Brick, NJ with the ANBF, quickly followed by an OCB show in Burlington, NJ on May 19, culminating with an NGA show in Bloomfield, NJ on June 23.

What seemed doable on paper, was incredibly difficult when it was time for multiple peak weeks. Normally after a show, I would have the customary -- and forbidden -- burger and fries. With back-to-back shows, going off the competition prep diet was not an option...especially with the allure of first-place trophies keeping me motivated.

Alongside diet and workouts, another critical component of preparing for a figure competition is the use of supplements. There are several I use, but two new ones that pleasantly surprised me were Modus Nutrition’s chocolate protein powder and Power OFF.

I’ve tried numerous protein powders. Some make me feel bloated, while others tasted horrible or had a chalky consistency. As a chocolate lover, I found the taste and blend-ability of Modus Nutrition’s protein powder excellent. I should also note that I personally hate protein shakes. Instead, I like to blend just enough water with my protein powder to create a pudding consistency. Well, this protein powder works perfectly and tastes fabulous!

Dieting down and working full-time, while also trying to get my online fitness coaching business off the ground, made my anxiety levels go up and my ability to fall asleep go down. I found that taking Modus Nutrition’s Power OFF before bedtime was a lifesaver. It helped calm me down and fall asleep faster. Best of all, I didn’t feel groggy or out of it when I woke up.

The culmination of having the right diet, workouts and supplements resulted with several trophies:

  • ANBF Open Figure: 3rd place (Masters Pro was not offered at this show.)
  • OCB Open Figure: 4th place, Masters: 2nd place
  • NGA Open Figure: 1st place, Masters: 1st place (Note: I would have received my NGA pro card for Open Figure, but there were less than five competitors.)

Needless to say, I was ecstatic about how I placed in all of these shows, but most importantly, I’m looking forward to how I can come back even better next year. I plan to raise the stakes again -- compete in three or more shows in 2019 (including making my ANBF Masters Pro debut), attaining both OCB and NGA pro cards, and qualifying to compete nationally.

As I get into the heart of off-season, I’m looking forward to making serious gains. Protein and rest are two key aspects and I know keeping my Modus Nutrition supplements in my routine throughout the off-season will have me striving for those first-place trophies in 2019 and beyond!

Allison Jackson is an online fitness coach, figure competitor and Modus Nutrition athlete.

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