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How Food Allergy Tests Can Drastically Improve Your Way Of Life

How Food Allergy Tests Can Drastically Improve Your Way Of Life

Written By: Jaime Clark

Here I am...just over 12 weeks into a new nutrition plan that has completely changed the way I eat. I recently started working with a nutrition coach from the CrossFit gym I belong to. I had always had trouble losing weight, especially since I had my second child about 5 years ago. I knew that something was going on with my digestive system, but I could never really put a finger on it.

In my very first sit-down meeting with my nutritional coach, after listening to my story and how I have had stomach issues for years, she immediately decided to order me a food allergy test. This has to have to be one of the best decisions, ever. In the results, I found out I have mild allergies to foods like: wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, egg whites, spinach, almonds, coconut, honey, cinnamon, green peas, green beans, chia seeds, pepper, ginger, mustard, yeast, yogurt, cottage cheese, mushrooms and squash! Some of these foods I was eating every single day. No wonder I was bloated and gassy all the time, thinking I was eating healthy foods (don’t get me wrong - they are very healthy foods, just not for me specifically).

To say this new way of eating has been challenging is an understatement. While I was SOOOO happy to finally validate why I have stomach issues for so many years, I also realized this was going to be a huge learning curve for me, and my family. I have to plan my days in advance and always make sure I have food that I can eat in the house. The minute I eat something that isn’t on my food list, I get horrible stomach cramps and bloating that can last a few days. It’s just not worth it to me anymore. And to finally have answers has been life changing for me.

I am not a huge meat eater, so I was adamant on finding a protein powder that would work for me. What I found through my research was that most protein powders are made with whey protein. If you have a dairy allergy, whey is not something you should consume. A lot of other protein powder alternatives are made with pea protein and other items that were coming up on my allergy list. Most vegan or vegetarian meat substitutes are made with gluten, wheat, egg whites, or other ingredients that I cannot consume. Modus Nutrition’s protein powder has SAVED me. The pumpkin seed protein, cranberry seed protein and potato isolate protein are things I am NOT sensitive too. My goal for a full day’s worth of protein is 95g. With a half-serving (one scoop) of Modus’s protein powder in the morning, I get 15g of protein.

Since I have been on this new food plan, I have lost 13 inches and about 10 pounds. The most noticeable change for me, is my stomach. My before and after pictures, in just 12 weeks, are pretty amazing. I no longer look 4 months pregnant and have been able to wear clothes that have been at the bottom of my drawer for years.

The one thing I hope maybe one person will get out of this is: if you are struggling with weight loss or have bloating and/or constant stomach issues, do yourself a favor and spend the money to get a food allergy test. The results may change your life!

Jaime Clark is mom, Crossfit & Spartan Race athlete and Modus Nutrition ambassador.

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