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How Modus Helps “WOD-brain”

How Modus Helps “WOD-brain”

Written By: Rebecca Clements
Modus note: WOD = Workout of the Day.

“WOD-brain” is happening in gyms, on courts, fields, and in work-places all over the world. For now, we are going to stick to one avenue where the term WOD-brain may have originated… CrossFit. Otherwise known as the sport of fitness, this constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement training regimen isn’t going away anytime soon. All types of people have fallen in love with their own fitness in one of the over 13,000 CrossFit gyms around the world. (for reference, that’s more locations than Starbucks has in the U.S.)

If you’ve ever been in one of these locations or know anyone who enjoys the sport of functional fitness, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “WOD-brain” before. In the CrossFit realm, “WOD-brain” is used when people seem to be less mentally acute post workout.

“Hold on, I need to re-add my weights. I can’t seem to count! Must be WOD-brain.”

It’s as if all the brain’s energy was used up trying to assist the person in completing a tough workout. Guess what? That’s exactly what is happening. The mind and body are fatigued and grasping for fuel.

Now what? Time for a scoop (or two) of Modus Nutrition protein powder. Modus contains BCAAs which assist in muscle repair and growth after exercise. The protein formula even contains the aminos arginine and tyrosine known to support circulation and focus. Modus was designed with a performance-focused amino acid profile everyone can benefit from whether its after an easy morning run or a tough workout.

From experience, I can attest to improved mental acuity from using Modus Nutrition products. “Power On” is a NSF Certified for Sport nootropic supplement which seems to help prevent “WOD-brain” in the first place. Power On was designed to keep athletes calm and focused so they can thrive in their element. I like to think of this as “step 1.” Step 1 is to “Power On” during my morning routine. Step 2 is sipping on a Modus Nutrition chocolate protein shake after a workout. Step 3 is to “Power Off” at the end of the day while I turn off all screens and allow some time to fully wind-down before bed.

Recap: Power On helps prevent WOD-brain, Modus Nutrition protein powder helps recover from WOD-brain faster by replenishing necessary aminos, and Power Off works to keep athletes calmed down after training sessions and games to ensure optimal sleep to recharge and do it all over again the next day!

If you’re ready to feel better mentally AND physically - it’s time to give Modus Nutrition a try. Bye bye WOD-brain and helllllloooooo gains!