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Elizabeth Crisante

Vegan Fitness Influencer & Modus Nutrition Ambassador

Tell us a bit about your experience as a Modus Brand Ambassador.

Even before actually trying anything, it's just so evident that there's a lot of research and testing that go into the products. Being marketed as professional products for an elite athlete makes someone who's just an average human very inclined to try the product.

I love the company and I love what Modus is doing. I absolutely love all of the Modus supplements. I use them every single day. It makes me so happy that it's vegan. That is at my core, really.

The fact that the protein is plant-based isn't being driven down people's throats. It's an additional bonus that I love. It relates to what the actual product is like.

In my kitchen, I have Power ON and Power BALANCE right near my smoothie and supplement station, and above my blender I have a cupboard full of Modus. Right beside my bed, I have my Power ON and Power BALANCE for the morning, and my Power OFF for at night.

When I'm getting ready for bed, I will brush my teeth, take my makeup off, get in my pajamas and I'll take the Power OFF. I'll do whatever I need to get done and then the second that I take the Power OFF, I shut things down. I'll put my headphones in and listen to a meditation or something like that or some sort of guided meditation or mantra and then I fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning, my alarm is probably going off at 4:30 - 5:00 AM and I turn to my bed stand to take my Power ON and Power BALANCE, and then I get ready, start doing my readings, maybe do a little stretch, have a tea or some breakfast, and I get into my day.

I go off to class, fit my in workout usually mid-day right now. Before my workout I'll take another dose of Power ON and another two capsules of Power BALANCE. I train, go to my blender, make my Modus smoothie, get back into my work, drink my smoothie, go to another class, and do work for my company, then repeat. It’s pretty regimented.

Tell us about your experience with Power ON.

I have Power ON in almost every bag that I have - my gym bag, my school bag, and I have it beside my night table for when I wake up in the morning. I love it. I seriously do. I take it before classes now that I’m back in law school. I take it before I work. I don't get jittery, it doesn't make me feel anxious, it doesn't make me break out. I have been experimenting with supplementation and pre-workout since I was seventeen. I know what they're all about, I know the feeling I've had with certain ones in the past. With Power ON, I have not had any of the negative side effects that I've had in the past with other ones. It doesn't affect my mood - I would find that I would get irritable when I was taking an “upper” or a pre-workout or a stimulant of any kind. It doesn't do that to me. I don't crash. It doesn't affect my sleep at night or anything of that nature. I do feel very clear-minded.

I use them every single day. It makes me so happy that it's vegan. That is at my core, really.

Tell us about your experience with Power BALANCE.

Having recently tried the Power BALANCE, I've noticed a difference. It's subtle. I just recently came back to school and I'm managing a lot on-the-go. I was very stressed to have to leave Toronto, where I was building a company, and come back up here to law school. There’s so many things on my plate, I'm doing the work of three humans at once. I thought I would crumble but I've been taking the Power BALANCE and I've got a pretty level-headed way of attacking all the issues that come up in a day. I love the feeling of it. It's definitely subtle; it's not this magical “happy pill” you take and you're all of a sudden you’re in a great mood. It just makes you more, well, balanced and I find I’m much less stressed overall.

I have noticed that my appetite is not as crazy as it normally would be under high amounts of stress. I'm prone to eat more when I'm really stressed. I have not been doing that. I've been doing the opposite. I did not realize that that was something that occurred with this, but it’s a great additional benefit.

Tell us about your experience with Power OFF.

Power OFF is phenomenal . I've had other people try it. I give people some of mine to sample and it gives us regular, steady sleep. There's really not much more to say about it. I love how I feel in the morning. When I first started taking it, when I would take two, it almost felt like too much, so I would take one for a few months first. Now I'm taking two before bed and I know when I take it, it's time to go to bed sort of thing. There's even a psychological element to it. When I take the capsules I know it’s time for me to Power OFF personally - that I’m going to bed. I shut everything down and get in this relaxing zone. I have a really wonderful sleep.

I thought maybe it was just because I was getting into the routine of putting my devices away but I had given it to other people to try who have absolutely raved about it. I have a really steady sleep. No getting up and waking up in the middle of the night. Right now I'm getting up really early feeling refreshed and ready to go - that helped set a schedule for me that's far more manageable when you have a lot going on.

Tell us about your experience with Modus.

There were years of my life where the quality of my food was of no consequence to me. If it tasted good I ate it. Later I focused on protein/fats/carbs and the muscular aesthetic I desired - again with no thought as to how high-quality the sources were.

Today, I do my very best to look at the quality of food I eat. Just because you aren’t getting “fat” doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences of a poor diet. Our food choices dramatically affect our digestive health - it’s so important to pay attention to where your food comes from and how it’s made. I’m vegan for the obvious ethical reasons but also because my body feels more alive and more vibrant on a plant-based diet. There is no question my digestion has improved.

I have so much respect for Modus Nutrition. The protein, I love. I feel clean, I don't feel bloated, it's light. You can tell it’s high quality protein. It’s great for recovery, I love the protein sources and the fact that it’s loaded with amino acids.

It is so obvious that the highest quality ingredients go into the products and that so much time has been spent on research and development. Nowadays its easy to throw together the basic ingredients and sell a protein powder - but not all protein powders are created equal. How well can a body break down food and absorb the nutrients required with an inflamed digestive system? We focus so much on our outward appearance, it’s time to make our insides feel good too!

It is so obvious that the highest quality ingredients go into the products and that so much time has been spent on research and development...We focus so much on our outward appearance, it’s time to make our insides feel good too!