About Us


Modus, Power On and Power Off are premium best-in-class nutrition, sleep and focus supplements produced by Vitalere, a leading edge nutraceutical company led by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Robert Pastore and Chief Executive Officer Elaine Kunda. The company has utilized decades of research and lifetimes of experience on the field and in the lab by top scientists, elite athletes, trainers, and sports medicine professionals to develop a suite of science-based products that optimize performance in three key areas: focus, sleep, and nutrition.

Vitalere recognizes a growing demand for performance optimization and we offer a suite of products that meet the high safety and quality standards mandated by professional athletic organizations, but also allow top performers in all industries to enhance their ability to focus, recover, and achieve. Whether you’re a pro athlete, a serious biohacker, or an executive looking to maintain focus and productivity, Modus, Power On and Power Off are powerful nutritional tools that give you a competitive edge.

In collaboration with leading authorities like sleep expert Professor James B. Maas and sports rehab expert Dr. Keith Pyne, Dr. Pastore has developed a suite of specially formulated, professional-grade products that are highly effective, contain high-quality well-sourced ingredients, and are designed for serious athletes and executives.

Modus has hacked absorption and is the first plant-based protein that competes with whey and casein. Power On enhances sustained focus without over-stimulating the brain and is safe to use daily. Power Off aids sleep through all key stages, ensuring an optimal amount of deep sleep while preventing morning grogginess that often occurs with other supplements and sleep aids.

All products only use ingredients that have been studied in humans and have been allowed for use in dietary supplementation by the FDA. Additionally, each product has been approved and validated for NSF for Sport Certification, and unlike many of the supplements on the market, have undergone a continual process of testing, inspection, and validation to ensure that product contents reflect label claims.

Management Team

Elaine Kunda

Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Kunda is a serial entrepreneur and veteran in the digital media space, having successfully built teams and realigned business strategies for over 15 years. As Chief Executive Officer, Elaine oversees all operations at Vitalere.


Before becoming CEO for Vitalere, Elaine advised start-ups, helping early stage companies reach their goals and access financing. Prior to consulting, she was CEO of B5Media, launching and overseeing all aspects of the network’s properties; the company sold to Alloy Digital in April 2012. Elaine was also the CEO of Ziplocal, which sold to Canpages in 2009.

A recognized expert, Elaine has spoken at premier events such as Exceptional Women in Publishing, McMaster Professional Development Day, DigiDay’s Digital Publishing Summit, Internet Week New York and the 2011 Marketing to Women Conference. Elaine also serves as a dedicated advisor to the G(irls)20, which works to encourage G8 and G20 leaders to prioritize the political empowerment and economic freedom of females worldwide. The organization’s summit brings together female candidates from each G20 country to debate social issues and devise economic innovations. Additionally, Elaine has been appointed to the McMaster Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Robert Pastore, PhD, CNS

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Robert Pastore is a scientist in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, nutrigenomics, bioinformatics, and nanomedicine. His professional memberships include the American Society for Nutrition and the American College of Nutrition. As Chief Science Officer, Dr. Pastore leads the R&D and product development function of Vitalere.


Dr. Pastore is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). His private practice had the distinction of counseling some of the world’s greatest professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NHL and the world of endurance sports, including professional cycling as well as Ironman competitors and marathon runners. During this period, he frequently lectured and counseled CEOs and other top executives of many Fortune 500 and Forbes List companies. He retired from private practice in late 2013 and partnered with Acasta Capital to start Vitalere. In addition to his history in practice, he is a proven health product inventor, having commercialized several products and co-founded several companies.


Keith Pyne, BSc, DC

Rehabilitation Specialist; Chairman of Medical Services Advisory Board, Washington Nationals

Dr. Keith Pyne is a sports authority who has treated over 1000 professional athletes. He currently presides as Chairman of the Medical Services Advisory Board for Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals.


Dr. Pyne's treatment model consists of neurological and mechanical analytic markers that determine the cause of condition; these proactive treatment models have resulted in accelerated recovery and significant risk mitigation. Dr. Pyne is in the process of developing a new neurological, biomechanical model involving a multi-modal approach for PTSD and Concussion.

His work has been featured on: HBO Hard Knocks, Cincinnati Bengals; Wall Street Journal; ESPN; Behind the Scenes; Ring Magazine, Manny Pacquaio.

James B. Maas, PhD

Former Professor, Chair of Psychology and Weiss Presidential Fellow, Cornell University

Dr. James B. Maas is a leading authority on sleep and performance. He served as Presidential Fellow, Professor and past Chairman of Psychology at Cornell University as well as professor at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. Additionally, he is the recipient of the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Teaching Award for being the nation’s outstanding educator.


He previously served as sleep doctor for the 2015 Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Men’s Hockey team, and presently for the Michigan State University, Duke University and the New York Jets football teams. He has also presented highly acclaimed programs for such organizations as IBM, Apple Computers, Google, and NFL, NBA, and NHL teams.

Author of several books, his latest show how scholar/athletes can improve their academic and athletic performance literally overnight. His work has been featured on: the TODAY Show, FOX News, The View, ABC’s 20/20, and Oprah.

Ian MacIntyre, BSc, DC, FRCCSS(C)

Sports Specialist Chiropractor

Dr. Ian MacIntyre is a sports specialist chiropractor who works extensively as a consultant for various NHL members and teams, as well as athletes from the CFL, NFL, MLS, PGA, UEFA Champions League and UFC. Dr. MacIntyre is a recognized expert in the area of injury prevention and injury rehabilitation and is a sought after soft tissue specialist.


Dr. MacIntyre has authored in scientific peer reviewed journals, lectures on the topics of injury prevention and rehabilitation and mentors graduating chiropractic students. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and completed a post-chiropractic fellowship program in sports sciences. He is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Active Release Techniques practitioner (ART™), and medical acupuncture provider (McMaster University). Dr. MacIntyre’s private practice is in Toronto, Ontario.

Colin Greening

Professional Hockey Player

Colin Greening is currently in his seventh season as a professional hockey player. Through his athletic experiences, Colin has developed a wide knowledge and understanding of nutrition and sleep. He is highly regarded throughout professional sports for optimizing athletic potential through a passion and commitment to health, wellness and fitness. Through extensive studies, including post-graduate work, Colin has written and spoken on the intersection of nutrition and sleep.


Colin attended the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University where he graduated magna cum laude and achieved academic honors on the Dean’s List for all four years. At Cornell, he served as a two-year hockey Captain and in his senior year, led his team to an ECAC championship and was honored as an Academic All-American and with the prestigious Senior Class Lowe’s Award.

Lauren Kadet, BA, MA

Former NCAA Division I Soccer Player

Lauren Kadet is a former NCAA Division I soccer player who graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with degrees in psychology and sociology. She completed a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice at Georgia Southern University, where she was part of the women’s soccer coaching staff. Lauren graduated with academic honours and was named to the National Collegiate Honours society, America East Commissioner’s Honour roll and received the Maryland Association of College Directors of Athletics (MACDA) post-graduate scholarship.


During her collegiate career at UMBC, Lauren was named to the America East Conference all- rookie team, all- tournament team and twice named to the America East all- conference team. She was a three-year captain for the Retrievers and set the school record for career saves. Lauren helped to guide the Retrievers to a historic 2013 campaign that saw UMBC capture a share of its first regular-season America East title, its first America East Tournament title and its first trip to the NCAA Tournament. She was named the University’s Co-Outstanding Senior Female Athlete and the team’s Most Valuable Athlete at UMBC’s varsity awards banquet.