With competitive streaks rising from academics and professional life to athletes of all levels, there is more pressure than ever before to meet the high standards that our even higher-octane culture and society are so preoccupied with. Power On offers that peak healthy activity without overclocking the brain as widely consumed alternatives often do.

Power On does so by improving five different areas: focus, memory, energy, mental edge, and brain health.

In a healthy brain, the synthesis of catecholamine is a rate limited effect—a brain won't produce more than is healthy, but is often producing less. The ingredients that are converted into catecholamines—the precursors—are found in many foods. Furthermore, catecholamines are the neurotransmitters that make cognition possible, which include dopamine and epinephrine. What we’ve done is extracted these precursors and condensed them all into Power On.

Power On also contains an acetylcholine precursor, which is critical for neuromuscular transmission—which governs stimulus-response time. Your reaction times become faster.

Power On only uses ingredients that have been studied in humans and no other brain health product has been as meticulously assembled using FDA allowed ingredients and NSF-Sport certification, while simultaneously functioning optimally to support memory, focus, attention, mental energy, and muscle twitch response.

Power On: giving you the mental edge you need to rise above the rest.

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